Eight years ago, on August 14, 2010 at the age of 32, Riff Ridgel was injured in a tragic accident which left him a quadriplegic on vent support.

Riff lives in Tickfaw where his parents along with close family members continue taking care of him full time. He is able to sip & puff to move his wheelchair around on his own which gives him some independence. Riff enjoys spending time with his family, especially his son, Tristin, who is now 7 years old. Through the support & love of caring family, friends and even people he has never met, Riff has been able to lead a productive life.

The Riff Ridgel Crawfish CookOff Benefit has been established in Riff’s name and is dedicated to providing support to families and individuals in the local community whose lives have been impacted by a catastrophic accident or illness.

Proceeds this year will go to:
Riff Ridgel and Trenton Vitrano

Riff Ridgel:

Riff Ridgel -  2018 Beneficiary of Riff Ridgel Annual Crawfish Cookoff
Ronald Louis (Riff) Ridgel survived a tragic accident which left him paralyzed and on ventilator support. Proceeds go to offset his continuing out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Trenton Vitrano

Trenton Ventrano-  2018 Beneficiary of Riff Ridgel Annual Crawfish Cookoff Trenton is 10 years old attending 4th grade at Nesom Middle School in Tickfaw. He was diagnosed with microcephalic at birth and later with cerebral palsy. These diagnoses have left him totally paralyzed, on a feeding tube and fully dependent on others. Although, he is non-verbal, he is able to communicate his feelings and desires through eye gazing.