Support A Worthy Cause: Become A Sponsor

Sponsorship LevelsCostAccess to
VIP Tent
Area (if
(see below)
Social MediaMedia InterviewsSignage at Event,
Mentioned at Event
Event Tickets
Crawfish Sponsorship$5,000.XXXXXX12
Music Sponsorship$4,000.XXXXXX10
Gold Sponsorship$1,500.XXXXX8
Silver Sponsorship$1,000.XXXXX6
Bronze Sponsorship$500.XXXXX4

To become a sponsor and have your logo displayed at the cook off event, complete the Become-A-Sponsor form, and upload Sponsor Logo.

*Sponsor form and logo file must be received by 5:00 PM May 2nd in order to be included on signage.

Complete Become-A-Sponsor form

  1. Use our online form, see link below.
    Select your sponsorship/donation level, send your payment via PayPal, all from your computer.
  2. Download the form to your desktop and mail it with your payment. (details are on pdf)

Upload Sponsor Logo

Please send logo file in one of the following formats:

Preferred: vector-based .ai or .eps Illustrator files.

Acceptable: 300dpi .ps, .eps Photoshop files, .jpg or .pdf files (note: regardless of format, file must be 300dpi at final print dimensions).

To become a sponsor and have your logo displayed at the cook off event, please complete the listed items below:
  1. Fill out the Become-A-Sponsor form (online or downloadable),
  2. Select your sponsorship/donation level,
  3. Send your payment via PayPal,
  4. Upload Your Logo.

Click text below to complete the form online and send payment.